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Pokecino || Sei Koizumi {Updated} by Di-Cape Pokecino || Sei Koizumi {Updated} by Di-Cape
New group app! Hope I did everything right.
For :iconpokecino:


Sei Koizumi







:iconpsychictypeplz: - Reflect

:iconpsychictypeplz: - Light Screen
:iconfairytypeplz: - Draining Kiss
:iconfairytypeplz: - Dazzling Gleam

Head of Design Department of Mother's fashion line 

:bulletpink: Fashion
:bulletpink: Flirting
:bulletpink: Shopping
:bulletpink: boba milk tea

Skull Bullet by Gasara Being ignored
Skull Bullet by Gasara Incompetent people
Skull Bullet by Gasara Crocs
Skull Bullet by Gasara Poor fashion sense

Sei has a bubbly personality and can be very flamboyant and flirty. He will constantly flirty and tease with everyone around him as if it was second nature. If not flirting, he likes having fun with friends and enjoys their company. Sei becomes rather enthusiastic if something/someone interests him. When something does, he will instantly act upon and pursue on those feelings. Sei is also a compassionate person. If he sees you depressed or troubled in anyway, he'll do everything in his power to help you get back up on your feet. Even Sei seems like charming person, in reality he's rather two-faced. Underneath all the flowers and sunshine, Sei is a a total whore, specifically an attention whore. He is also mischievous and intelligent. Sei uses his wits and flirtatious features to manipulate and mess with his enemies. Sei is not afraid to speak his mind, so if you pissed him off or contradict yourself; Sei will have no hesitation on calling you out.

 So, Sei was the youngest, and only, boy in his family. His mother was the CEO of her own fashion line while his father was the Finance Director of a technology incorporation. He also had three older sisters that were either models or pageant winners. Sei's sisters often dressed him up in girls' clothing and put makeup on him when he was in elementary school. As he grew, he eventually got used to it and in fact enjoyed it when his sisters gave him a makeover. Once Sei entered middle school, he started to take interest in women's clothing, makeup, and other feminine stuff. It wasn't until his freshman year of high school where he took the next step; he started to cross-dress. And at the same, Sei started liking males rather females.
    During his Sophomore year, Sei was involved in a lot of his sisters' modeling gigs and sometimes accompanied his mother at work. Awed by the several fashion styles and work habits, that was when Sei decided that he wanted to pursue fashion designing. Sei's mother was rather delighted by his decision because she had chosen Sei as her successor. So Sei frequently involved himself in art classes as well as volunteer at his mom's workplace to prepare himself to be a successor. It wasn't until Sei's Junior year where his life took a change. He came out of the closet.

    When Sei told his family about his sexuality, his sisters were not bothered by it at all. In fact, they were thrilled because now they have another sibling to do makeovers with. His mother had no reaction because she had seen it coming. His dad, on the other hand, was rather reluctant at first. He started to treat Sei a bit differently after he came out.  He started to trust Sei less and was judging everything that Sei did. This upset Sei greatly, but it didn't stop him from pursuing his career choice. Ignoring his father's treatment, Sei graduated high school and was easily accepted into a creditable private college. There, Sei majored in Apparel Industry Design and later earned himself an internship at his mother's fashion line. Once Sei got his degree, he was able to get a job in his mother's fashion line as a Design Assistant. Sei then worked his way up to his current position as Head of the Designing team. 

    During the time Sei was in school and working on getting to his current position, Sei's father treatment towards him got better. The father started to trust him more and judged him less, but he felt bad when he realized the pain that Sei went through in the past. So as an apology, Sei's father booked him an all expense paid trip to Pokecino. 

Other Information:
♦ is actually 5'2"
♦ He's as gay as a rainbow
♦ Babies Akito A LOT (pet Joltik, app is down below)
♦ When angered or having mischievous thoughts, Sei's eyes will glow bright pink.
♦ Can give some pretty damn good massages
♦ Can hold his liquor
♦ Wear glasses when working
♦ In a relationship with Aben Meroda


Room #: 
0814 with Aben
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